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Cuts like ours belong no where else other than the top shelf. Our flower comes in 4 different strains:

- CBD Wedding Cake

- CBG White Rhino

- CBD Zkittles

- CBD Sour Diesel

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With premium flower like ours, sometimes the best way to enjoy CBD is by rolling up a J. We stand proudly alongside our flower to make sure that pre-rolls are enjoyed to their fullest potential. 


Our D8 flower has become popular because of its similarity to Delta-9 THC. We take pride in accessing the power of nature through our high quality strains and cultivation practices.

- Indo

- Sour Diesel

- Wedding Cake

- White Rhyno

- Zkittles

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BULK PreRoll

Our award winning CBD flower can be rolled up in both 1g and .5g sizes! Our CBD pre-rolls can be made with any of current strains.


We offer a variety of unique cannabinoid oil including: CBG oil, CBD oil, Delta 8 oil and THCO.

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Looking for that special product? Look no further than our Moonrocks, available in both CBD and Delta 8. To the mooooon!



Blondes have more fun! Our beautifully blonde keif will be sure to dress up any flower and bring back that glisten and glamour. Available in CBG (more blonde) or CBG (less blonde).

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BULK Terpenes

Capture the essence of the plant with any of our steam distilled terpenes. Available in all current flower strains. Great to add to vape pens, oil or any other product that needs a more potent nose.

BULK Gummies

These mouth watering flavors will be sure to set your brand apart, but chew it over first!  Available in Delta 8 or CBD.

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